/The Idea of Change a Garage To a Business Place

The Idea of Change a Garage To a Business Place

setting up a business place in the house garage
image: https://pixabay.com/

Many home garages are not used, so that they become empty spaces that are not maintained. Rather than that, isn’t it better if the garage is used as a business place? By setting up a business place in the house garage, business owners do not have to bother renting a place and maintain it every time.

Design Studio
There are a lot of design studios that use home garages as their office, both architectural studios, interior design studios, animation studios, or others. Setting up a studio in a residential area does have a lot of advantages, one of them is the workers do not need to spend time on the road to get to the office. For studio design, just adjust it to the image you want to create from the studio, it can be a minimalist, modern, industrial style, or others.

Coffee Shop
To make a coffee shop in the garage, you only need to provide coffee making equipment, several sets of tables and chairs, and if it is large enough you can add a kitchen for snacks. Currently, homey themes, vintage, and rustic are on the rise and could be considered. You might be tried minimalist concept with white color dominance that will make the coffee shop looks broad. In addition to the theme, other decoration display like, books and antiques is very important to bring the coffee shop alive.

The barbershop business is a promising business because the trend of male grooming is currently developing in Indonesia. Besides, barbershop does not need a large room, because all needed is a few dressing tables and chairs, hair washing area, and waiting room. So that the barbershop has an attractive visual, industrial style with a combination of dark colors, wood brown, and white and warm lighting can be applied. Don’t forget to add interesting decorations and trinkets to make sure that the barbershop doesn’t look empty.