/The Level of Wood Drought Determines the Quality of Furniture

The Level of Wood Drought Determines the Quality of Furniture

The good quality of wood used as furniture material, is determined by the level of water contain in the wood. The more dry wood, the more quality furniture produced. Because the high wood moisture content can cause shape changes to the finished furniture.

Furniture changes usually curved, shrunken or even cracked and broken. For example, in the rainy season it may be difficult for your door to open and close, or creak. That is because the door has shrunk. The door that was fitted with the frame and floor, doesn’t fit anymore in the rainy season. Or another example on furniture surface such as a dining table. You may have experience in this case. The straight and flat table had long curved so that the glass pair on it was rocking. This means that the dining table wood has changed shape, to curve. And certainly the wood used by both furniture still has high water content or are still too wet.

Both examples above are types of indoor furniture, what if wet wood used for outdoor furniture that directly related to hot and rainy weather? Of course the furniture will not be as same as you bought it at first.

Good wood used to make furniture is dry wood (which has low moisture content) has dryness level under 15%. To check the water content, you can test it with special tools. If the wood is dry enough, then the risk of wood changes in any season is very small. Although it is directly related to the weather, the wood remains stable and has no difficulty.

But it might be a little difficult to find the dry wood (below 15%). Because there aren’t many furniture stores provide dry wood. Usually the dry wood found in furniture stores that usually work on outdoor furniture or export furniture, whose main priority is the end result of good quality based to export standards.

There are several things that make dry wood difficult to find and only in a small proportion of furniture.

First, the drying process takes much time. So, many people are reluctant to dry the wood to drying limit because they have to quickly the wood process into furniture products.

Second, high drying costs. Because of that, many people think twice to dried the wood. This is because buyers do not want to pay more for the oven cost.

Third, the oven process must be in large quantities. This relates to the cost of production. Because if you dried only several woods, then the cost will be more. So the oven drying process must in more wood stock.