/The Main Cause of Cracks in Teak Wood Furniture

The Main Cause of Cracks in Teak Wood Furniture

A common problem and often experienced by most people is furniture made of wood that suddenly cracks, due to changes in air temperature or indeed due to usage factors. Then how to deal with cracks in teak wood furniture?

Teak wood is the most popular type of wood and is most widely chosen as a raw material in the manufacture of various types of furniture, ranging from guest chairs, carved dining tables, dressing tables, children’s study tables, carved beds, wardrobes and so on. Teak is one type of wood that has very tough and very strong fibers so it is very suitable to be used as a basic material in the production of furniture making. Teak itself is kind of pricy wood because the wood need more times to be ready to cut down and used as raw material during production.

Cracking of teak wood furniture is one thing that is very common and not only in teak, but all types of wood also have the potential to crack. There is one thing that causes the cracking of furniture is the less optimal level of dryness of the wood, so that the wood has to shrink when affected by temperature and eventually cause cracks in the furniture itself. In addition to the lack of wood dryness, another thing that causes teak furniture to crack easily is the use of young teak wood or in furniture language in Jepara it is usually called white teak.

This term is used to simplify the naming of young teak, because young teak has a white texture in almost all parts of the wood and only a few parts (the middle of the wood) have reddish brown color. In contrast to the old teak, of course, old teak ready to be cut has reddish-brown color that almost complete and there is only a small white part, on the edge of the teak wood.