/The Most Skilled Rattan Weaver Is Coming From Cirebon

The Most Skilled Rattan Weaver Is Coming From Cirebon

Did you know that the most skilled synthetic rattan weavers in Indonesia are those from Cirebon? Currently, many rattan furniture export companies are recruiting rattan weavers from Cirebon. In fact, almost all employees of the rattan furniture company come from Cirebon.

Cirebon is indeed most famous for its ratan craftsmen. Meanwhile, the weaving skill took time, maybe about six months. Not everyone can learn this weaving skill quickly because it requires special techniques. Moreover, rattan furniture companies prefer to produce furniture using handicrafts rather than machines. That’s why rattan furniture from Indonesia is always admired by buyers.

Besides Cirebon, other regions in Indonesia that have rattan furniture craftsmen are Jepara and Semarang. In these cities there are also many people who can weave rattan skillfully. Indonesian rattan furniture has always had a high demand from world importers. Because in addition to the good quality of the rattan, the woven results are also very beautiful. This is because Indonesia has many talented and skilled weavers.

There are quite a number of cities that contribute rattan to the country which is then exported to other countries, this certainly needs to be maintained and continuously developed, improved so as not declining rattan furniture manufacture. The method is also quite simple, it is remain consistent and efficient in the use of rattan so that the material is not critical later.

Cirebon City is a craft center which is the largest rattan craft center than other cities which spread to several districts in Cirebon. One of the most widely known people is Weru District, especially Tegalwangi Village. Here, you will meet a lot of rattan crafts and furnitures home industries. Not surprisingly, now Tegalwangi has become a target village for people and even foreigners to be the main list in their tour itinerary just to see or also order those unique rattan products that offered by the craftsmen.