/The Origin of Natural Rattan And Synthetic Rattan

The Origin of Natural Rattan And Synthetic Rattan

Talking about rattan is something that automatically connects us with the imagination of furniture, crafts, or something natural. Rattan raw materials commonly used to make furniture and handicrafts do come from tropical palm trees that grow upwards. Along with its growth, the rattan will bend back to the ground before snaking like a vine through other trees and plants or which may surround it. After the rattan has cut, dried before being converted into rattan furniture material.

Rattan has been around for centuries and considered a high-quality, reliable, and affordable choice for building materials, especially furniture. Rattan furniture, imported from British colonies in the Far East in the late 19th century and early 20th, was very popular. Used mainly in conservatories, for small decorative side chairs and tables.

Rattan material is one of the furniture materials that can grow quickly and easily in Indonesian Rain Forests. So it does not affect global warming as deforestation does. Especially if the treatment is based on water base system which environmentally friendly for your family and save our environment. However, rattan does not last long if exposed to elements, especially rain and snow. This is why, 10 years ago, garden furniture manufacturers, looking for alternative wood, began to weave garden sofas and chairs in synthetic fibers to make furniture with rattan comfort but could be left outside.

At present, choosing rattan as a basic ingredient in furniture is never wrong. Those furniture products such as stacking chairs, round tables, long tables, rectangular tables, sofas, benches, armchairs, recliners, trolleys, etc are items that are usually made of rattan. This can also be found in garden and patio furniture; unique, stylish, and sure to add to your living space. This will give best modern furniture impression.

Rattan furniture has been popular for centuries and thanks to technological advancements, you can now find a series of synthetic rattan garden furniture that combines the traditional look of natural rattan with a contemporary designer touch. Yes, synthetic rattan is now the best-selling product, with most still being produced in Asia, where traditional weaving expertise never dies. Most new rattan designs echo the forms of the main sitting room furniture, modular sofa units, or round chairs with pillows.