/The Perfect Type of Indonesian Hardwood for Furniture

The Perfect Type of Indonesian Hardwood for Furniture

For those of you who like house interior in wood shades, surely you want to look for furniture in wood base, with good quality. Lots of wood furniture are sold. However, not all types of wood are suitable for furniture. You certainly need foresight in choosing the type of wood used as furniture so that it is durable and in good quality.

types of wood that suitable for furniture

There are many types of wood that come from several trees that only grow in Indonesia. Unfortunately only a few types of wood that have the best quality for used as furniture base material. Initially the furniture craftsmen used solid wood. However, the availability of solid wood is not always available to meet consumer needs. Therefore there are several types of wood that can be used and suitable for furniture. Summarized from various sources, here are some types of wood that suitable for furniture and can be your choice to find durable and high quality furniture.

Bangkirai Wood
This wood classified as hard and durable wood species, although the level of its durability and hardness still under ironwood, teak, and meranti. However, if used as wood flooring material it can last more than 30 years for indoor, and under 30 years for outdoor. For resistance to water and termites, Bingkarai wood is able to ward off the occurrence of such damage.

Sonokeling Wood
Sonokeling wood is one type of wood that quite popular in Indonesia, because this type of wood has unique color patterns and motifs and looks so beautiful. The black color combined with brownish interspersed with whitish yellow color, make this type of wood have high sale value. Sonokeling include in hard wood, so it can withstand the spell of water and not easily eaten by termites. So it will be durable for use as flooring material and other furniture products.

The type of wood that is suitable for furniture other than teak is mahogany. Mahogany wood is easily processed into furniture because it has smooth wood fibers. If it is still in logs, the selling price of mahogany is cheaper than teak. But after thw logs change into furniture, the price can high.

Pine Wood
Pine wood that you often meet in several places also included in wood type that suitable for furniture. In addition to the availability of this pine wood in nature, the price is somewhat cheaper than teak and mahogany. Pine wood that has been used as furniture has a minimalist impression. What makes this pine wood interesting is having a bright and smooth wood color. Its soft texture makes it easy for furniture material.

Nyatoh Wood
Nyatoh wood is a type of wood that has beautiful wood fiber. Besides that, the fiber is slippery and has smooth texture. The character of Nyatoh wood is similar to teak because it is brownish red. This type of wood is suitable for furniture because it is resistant to termites and other insects.