/The Unexpected Benefits of a Seat Cushion

The Unexpected Benefits of a Seat Cushion

If you often sit for a long time, either on a chair or on the floor, it’s a good idea to use a seat cushion for your health. Even though it looks trivial, the use of seat cushion can minimize the risk of health problems from sitting too long on hard surfaces, such as wooden or plastic chairs to the floor. Seat cushions are useful for overcoming health problems that usually arise due to uneven pressure on several parts of the body. Here are the benefits of seat cushion in general for the health of your body.

Maintain posture
A seat cushion can help to lift your posture and support the pelvic area when you sit down. Sitting with your raised hips will make it easier for you to maintain a good sitting position. Apart from that, having good posture also brings its own health benefits, such as reduce the chronic pain risk while increasing the body’s focus and energy. Of course, good posture will also make you look more attractive and more confident.

Blood circulation is smoother
Pressure from hard surfaces that you sit on, can restrict blood flow in the pelvis, legs, and back so that the muscles and tissues don’t get enough oxygen as they should. As a result, the feet will tingle easily. An uncomfortable sitting position also causes the heart to work harder to pump blood. The use of a seat cushion can make the pressure more evenly distributed and make blood circulation more smoothly so it can protect heart health.

Seat cushion made of banana fiber can be used as an additional seating area for you. Beside, by stack two pillows at once to get enough height that will resemble a floor bench, will become your alternative coffee table.