/There Are Three Types of Build-In Furniture Designs Based On Their Needs

There Are Three Types of Build-In Furniture Designs Based On Their Needs

Are you interested in implementing build in furniture in your home? It’s a good idea to pay close attention to the choice of build in furniture that you want, because there are three types of furniture designs build in based on their needs. The three types of design include modular design, knockdown system, and flexible design.

Modular design means that this design is based on a specific size module. The module that used as a benchmark are ceramic tiles, floors, ceiling widths, doors, windows, and others. To understand it easier, this design was made with correct mathematical calculations. Examples of furniture with modular designs are kitchen sets and cabinets.

The term of knockdown system is actually aimed for build-in furniture in assembly system that can be easily dismantled, even by a layman. Usually, the ties in a knockdown system are bolts and screws, while furniture is divided into several frames. Most furniture products sold in the market have implemented this system for the buyers convenience. By this way, the user can independently assemble it. The frames are then joined with screws and bolts in the marked area. You can use a drilling machine to make it easier to install the screws and bolts. The disadvantage of this system is when there are loose screws or bolts, bonded or loosened. This condition certainly affects the overall balance of furniture. So you should be diligent in checking the tightness of the screw or bolt of the knockdown furniture.

Flexible built-in furniture is a furniture that is made by adjusting user needs. Usually flexible design orders arise because of extensive housing constraints. Furniture with this design will look neat if the architect or designer who acts as an architect and layout of the space along with the layout of furniture. They have mastered the form and understand what your home needs are. That way, it will be easy for them to devise the most appropriate shape and size of furniture for the room.