/These 7 Plants Are Suitable For Your Home, Resolve Pollution And Poisons

These 7 Plants Are Suitable For Your Home, Resolve Pollution And Poisons

Making neat and aesthetic room are available in various ways, one of them by adding ornamental plants for decoration. Plants can make a room beautiful and have special benefits such as warding off pollution to poison. It is not planted in the garden, there are some ornamental plants that can live in the house, such as snake plant, spider plant and other plants. This plant can live even in a low-light house. The indoor plants are also very easy to maintain without regular attention.

Snake Plant
Some people called it as Mother-in-law’s tongue plant and is a popular ornamental plant to put inside the house. This is because of its beautiful shape and does not need much care because it can live even though it lacks light and water.

Behind the aesthetic value of plants that have the scientific name Sansevieria, in fact this plant has many benefits. The snake plant can be an antidote to dangerous substances such as carbon dioxide, benzene, formaldehyde and trichlorethylene. Also, the plants are believed to be able to purify the air inside the house.

Spider Plant
Spider Plant is a plant that has green leaves with long dangling. The plant which has the scientific name Chlorophytum Comosum is suitable for decorating the room to make it look beautiful. Also, Spider Plant is a plant that easy to breed.

spider plant

The plant that can reach 60 cm tall have many benefits. Spider Plant is able to be an air purifier by absorbing benzene, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, and xylene. Besides, Spider Plant can absorb chemicals from rubber and leather processed.

Peace Lily
Peace Lily is a white flower petal plant that suitable for decorating the room. Plants with Spathiphyllum scientific name can live in low light conditions. Interestingly, Peace Lily can still bloom flowers even put in the room.

peace lily white petal

Behind its beautiful looks, Peace Lily has several benefits as a detoxifying plant in the room. Peace Lily can reduce harmful chemical compounds found in paints and furniture at home.

Pachira is an ornamental plant with high demand because it is considered could bring financial luck. Therefore, the Pachira plant is also called as Money Plant. Furthermore, this plant is beautiful and easy to care for.

Behind the growing myth about this plant, Pachira has several health benefits. According to environmental expert Kamal Meattle, said that Pachira is one of 3 plants that can purify the air, beside Areca Palm and Snake Palm. Pachira is unique because it produces oxygen at night. This makes the room feel fresh at night.

As with other ornamental plants, Philodendron also does not need much care. The Philodendron can breed well despite a lack of light and water supply. This heart-shaped plant with beautiful green color is suitable for indoor decoration.

Not only a beautiful plant, Philodendron also in 10 ornamental plants list that can purify the air. But Philodendron is only for decoration and may not be processed to food. Because all parts of Philodendron contain Calcium oxalate crystals that are poisonous.

Asparagus Fern
Your livingroom will look more lively by placing Asparagus Fern plant in the corner of the room. Asparagus Fern will look so beautiful in a hanging pot. Asparagus dangling will make the room more aesthetic.

Asparagus Fern effectively destroys formaldehyde, is a chemical compound that widely available in home furnishings. If the house has too much formaldehyde, it can cause skin, eyes and nose irritation.

Aloe Vera
The aloe vera plant is very popular because it is rich in minerals and vitamins. Aloe vera can nourish hair and has benefits as healthy ornamental plant.

This plant is one of 10 ornamental plants that purifying air, according to NASA. Aloe vera is very effective for removing benzene compounds at home. Benzene compounds are usually found in house paints and certain chemical cleaners.