/These Ornamental Plants Can Make Homes and Furniture More Durable

These Ornamental Plants Can Make Homes and Furniture More Durable

Collecting ornamental plants is one of the trends during a pandemic. But who would have thought, behind its beauty, ornamental plants have benefits for the home. Termites dislike some ornamental plants. This means that termites will not eat away at wood in your home if you grow some of these ornamental plants.

Termites are one of the problems that cause furniture and wood frame structures in homes to be damaged. The losses caused by these small animals are quite large, especially if you have to replace the destroyed wooden furniture.

Several types of houseplants are said to help repel termites from the house. Termites don’t like the smell of these plants, so they will go away.

Catnip is a plant that gives off a certain aroma. According to the expert, termites don’t like the smell of catnip. You can plant clumps of catnip in any wooded area of ​​your home. Or you can smear the wood with catnip essential oil.

Mint leaves can not only used as a drink, but they are also useful for repelling termites and mosquitoes. The mint spicy aroma is said to be disliked by insects.

This ornamental plant with yellow flowers gives off a sharp fragrance, and is not liked by termites. You can easily plant them in the yard or in flowerpots around the house.

Apart from disliked by termites, this plant is also avoided by insects such as grasshoppers, spiders, ladybugs, and mosquitoes.

The scent of lavender smells good to humans, but mosquitoes and termites don’t like it. You can plant this purple flower near a wooden door frame or window in your house. Not only adds beauty, but is also able to help repel pests.

Interested in collecting ornamental plants so that your furniture and home will be more durable?