/Things That Cause Leather Sofas to Damage Quickly

Things That Cause Leather Sofas to Damage Quickly

An attractive home interior is certainly not complete without the right furniture. When it comes to choosing furniture, a leather sofa is certainly one of the mainstays of many people. It because this type of sofa is suitable to combined with various interior styles. Choose a leather sofa with the best quality so that it is durable because it is not easily damaged.

While leather sofas can complement any interior styles, you still need to be careful in maintain them. Don’t let your favorite sofa get damaged quickly when you haven’t used it for a long time. You must avoid these things that could make your leather sofa damaged quickly.

Sun Exposure
Did you know that sun exposure caused damage leather? Sunlight will make the leather become fragile and fade quickly. As a result, your leather sofa will look dull and easily torn. You should not placed a leather sofa in area that exposed direct sunlight. Keep the sofa away from the window so that the reflection of the sun does not damage the sofa.

Leaving the Sofa in Water
You also may keep away water to leather sofas. If the leather has exposed to water, it will seep in and cause a change in texture. It is recommend that you should dry the sofa exposed to water with a dry soft cloth. Meanwhile, a lot water spills should be handled by aerating the sofa until it is completely dry.

Never placed sharp objects on the leather sofa. No matter how small the sharp object, the tip can still damage the surface of the sofa. Leather is very susceptible to scratches by sharp objects. So, make sure you always clean the sofa thoroughly so that there are no sharp objects stuck around it. You should also keep pets away from the sofa so that their sharp claws do not scratch the sofa.

Cleaning the Sofa with a Wet Wipe
You must clean the sofa regularly. However, leather sofas should not cleaned with a damp cloth. You can use a microfiber cloth that has been wrung out. Do not use too wet cloth so that your favorite sofa not damaged by excessive water exposure. Sometimes, you are also obliged to clean the sofa with a special cleaning fluid so that its natural shine maintained.

If you already understand some of the things that make a leather sofa break down quickly, surely you will be more careful in caring for the sofa. The interior of the house will be even more special if it is perfected with a durable favorite sofa.