/Things to Clean Before Welcoming a Baby Home

Things to Clean Before Welcoming a Baby Home

Welcoming a baby in the house is the most exciting thing, especially for couples who have waited long enough. Therefore, various preparations were made to welcome the baby, include cleaning the house. There are some household items that need to cleaned extra carefully and thoroughly before welcoming the baby into the house. It is to maintain the health and safety of the baby and ensure that all the baby’s needs are complete without any obstacles. Here are number of household appliances that must be cleaned.

Washing Machine
Babies need lots of change of clothes because they sweat easily and to keep them clean and healthy. This means that there are also many clothes that must be washed. For that, take a little time to make sure the washing machine can wash clothes effectively. After that, clean the washing machine from mold, unpleasant odors, and soap scum that can irritate baby’s sensitive skin.

The dishwasher will be used more often when you have a baby at home. You will wash milk bottles, breast pumps, and other baby eating utensils. So, don’t forget to clean the dishwasher before the baby birth.

Usually, people will bring food when visiting a baby birth. For that, clean the freezer to make a space for frozen food. Remove and discard food that going to old and rotten.

Floor and Carpet
Floors and carpets should be cleaned regularly when you have a baby at home, especially when the baby is starting to crawl. Clean the floor by sweeping and mopping it regularly. Don’t forget to vacuum the floors and carpets to keep them free of dust and dirt.

The bathtub can be used to bathe your children instead of using a bucket. However, before using it, make sure the bathtub has been cleaned so that it is free of mold, dirt, and soap residue.