/This Error Installing Curtains Ruins the Beauty of the Room, Check the Solution

This Error Installing Curtains Ruins the Beauty of the Room, Check the Solution

The curtain material is the best and the motif has suit with the style of the room, but how come the curtains don’t look beautiful? Maybe you installed it wrong. Curtains, although now many home owners have switched to roman blinds, roller blinds, or horizontal blinds, a window covering still has a place in its fans. Generally, they use curtains because of their elegant look, various patterns, and the price is not too expensive. However, there are some mistakes that homeowners often make when installing curtains, so that the actual curtains that good enough, looks not too beautiful. Here are some of the mistakes:

Don’t Measure The Window
The first and most important thing to do is measure the window where the curtains will be installed. These measurements include the width and height of the window, the distance from the top of the window to the ceiling, and the distance of the bottom window to the floor. Measurement errors can make the curtains not closing windows properly, drapes hanging, or too long curtains. Although they can be improved — for example by adding more materials, this will reduce the aesthetics of the curtains, and will certainly increase the cost.

Shredded Curtains
Cracked curtains will not be good looking. Therefore, after washing the curtains, don’t be lazy to iron them. If it’s difficult, use a trusted laundry or dry cleaning service.

Ignoring Folded Curtains
Curtains, regardless of style, usually have folds. Moreover, the curtains are in a classic style. Well, often homeowners ignore these folds so that when the curtains are closed, it looks flat without the slightest crease. The designers recommend making curtains that 2-2.5 times width of the window, so that even if they are open, the curtains will appear “full”.

Hanging Curtains Too Low
Putting the curtains too low will make the room feel short. If the distance between the ceiling and the floor is not far away, install the hook rod (the wooden or iron rod that is used to hang the curtain) higher than it should be. You can hang it about 10-15cm above the window. This will make the window looks taller, so will your room. But of course, pay attention to whether there is a vent above your window. If it is, this of course cannot be done because the curtains will block the entry of air into the house.

Curtains Too Narrow
Installing curtains that fit too well with the size of the window is not wrong, but if you want your window space feel wider, install curtains about 8-15cm wider from the side of the window. Another advantage is, when opened, the curtains do not cover your window at all, so that the light that comes in will be more optimal.

Curtains Too Short
To make the curtains look more attractive, make curtains longer than the bottom edge of the window. Too short curtain will make the window look “curled up”, as get material shortage. For a classic style, too short curtains will make a classic style looks “responsibility”. Use curtains that slightly sweep the floor so that your room will look more elegant.

Too Heavy Curtains
Even though the style, length and width of the curtains are fit with provisions, there is something more to think about. It is the weight of the curtains. For loaded curtains — for example, dacrons — are certainly heavier than simple curtains. If you use loaded curtains, don’t forget to have a strong hanging rod. Do not let this rod can not hold the weight of the curtain, then curved. Curtains will look not beautiful, right?