/Tips for Arranging a Blue Sofa

Tips for Arranging a Blue Sofa

There are many people tend to choose a neutral or natural colored sofa because it is easy to combine with any stylish room. However, please note that blue sofas, especially bold blues, can arranged nicely and match the room decor. So, if you have a blue sofa and confused about how to arrange it, there are a few tips that you can follow.

Add Gold Accents
The sparkling accent of gold will suitable to combined with a blue sofa, especially made of soft velvet. Because, blue and gold is a very luxurious color combination and creates an elegant unity. So, try to add vase decorations, fabrics, or furniture frames that painted gold.

Combine It With Monochrome
For a more masculine look, combine a blue sofa with contrasting touch and bold monochrome. Monochrome patterns such as lines and geometry will bring a modern and elegant atmosphere to where the sofa placed.

Using a background with the same color
When you have a bold blue sofa, you don’t have to apply light or neutral wall paint to balance it out. Even, choose blue wall as same as the sofa can create a comfortable depth and emphasize the statement in the room.

Add natural and rustic elements
The blue color remains to the sky and the sea which gives airy landscape impression. Combining a blue sofa with furniture or other decorations made of wood, woven rattan, or woven carpet will also create a relaxed and calming atmosphere.