/Tips for Choosing Decorative Lights for the Living Room

Tips for Choosing Decorative Lights for the Living Room

To create a comfortable living room, you can beautify the look of the living room with decorative lights. The selection of these decorative lights can be adjusted to the needs of the living room. With the right combination of lighting, decorative lights can also be a decoration element that can enhance the appearance of the room. Decorative lights not only functioned as a source of lighting, but also add warmth to the living room in your home.

Not only in terms of design, lamps also have different characteristics and lighting effects. The height, layout and purpose of the installation are also very important to consider. Also adjust the type of lighting chosen with the activities that will be carried out in the living room. Apart from that, there are two main things to consider when choosing lamps for the living room. The two things are the atmosphere you want to build, then the ease of combining functional lighting with decorative lighting to create the desired atmosphere. Here are some types of decorative lights that can be added to create a comfortable yet aesthetic living room.

Pay attention to the lighting around the room
Use the light around the living room as a basis in choosing decorative lights in the living room. Ambient lighting, also known as general or background lighting, consists of ceiling lights, spotlights, or natural light.

Decorative light function
Choosing decorative lights must support the function of lighting in places where it is needed and wanted. For example, installing special reading decorative lights in several corners of the living room to make it more comfortable when reading, working, or writing. Then, the living room is usually equipped with table lamps, adjustable floor lamps, swing arm lamps, and movable wall lamps. So the lighting must be adjusted to the functions and activities in the living room.

Accent lighting and mood lighting
Creating accent and mood lighting is a great way to highlight or focus a room on favorite or artistic items in the living room. In addition, adjusting the light tone of the living room can also build warmer, calmer, relaxed, or pleasant mood. Not only that, accent lighting is also used to highlight architectural features and important objects, and to distract the unpleasant. In the living room, accent lighting usually includes painting lights, dark corner lighting and in cabinets such as bookcases or cabinets for storing antiques.

What is the best combination of decorative lighting for a living room?
Each room should incorporate eight different light sources. Start by placing the living room ceiling lights to create even lighting as a background. Use a combination of dimmable lights, such as floor lamps and table lamps, throughout the room to make it easier for you to adjust the mood of the living room from day to night and vice versa. Then use accent lighting to highlight architectural features and artwork.