/Tips for Cleaning Pet Hair Sticking to Furniture

Tips for Cleaning Pet Hair Sticking to Furniture

Even though they have been given a comfortable bed or cage, pets, both dogs and cats, often still sleep in any place such as sofas, carpets, mattresses, and other furniture in the house. As a result, their fur sticks to many places or objects in the house. For pet owners, removing dog or cat hair from furniture is a tough job.

Even if you use a vacuum cleaner, pet hair can’t always be removed. Even a vacuum cleaner is not too effective for cleaning animal hair. However, don’t worry, here are three tips for efficiently cleaning pet hair without having to use a vacuum cleaner:

Use wet rubber gloves
Pet hair that sticks to furniture is mostly due to static or not moving. The more textured the fabric, such as velvet or corduroy, the more hair will stick. To remove them, put on rubber gloves and wet them with water. Once wet, wipe the glove on the fur on the furniture. The combination of texture in the glove and the static electricity it creates, can help pull pet hair from the fabric to the glove.

Enter the dryer
Generally, we wash clothes and other fabrics by putting them in the washing tub first, then into the dryer. For fabrics that are exposed to pet hair, do the opposite. When washing pillowcases and other bedding, put them in the dryer for a while, on a short cycle. By this way, you can remove the pet’s hair and pull it into the filter.

Use pumice
Pumice stone is not only good for the feet, its rough texture can also remove pet hair that sticks to home furniture. It’s very easy. Scratch a pumice stone over the affected fabric to help remove the hair. After removing, you can use rubber gloves or a vacuum cleaner to pull out the hair.