/Tips For Maintain Classic Furniture And Homes

Tips For Maintain Classic Furniture And Homes

Having a classic house for those who like classic themes will certainly make you happy. Starting from the shape and model of the house, the furniture in the house, to the knick-knacks installed. Most of them are classic or traditional. Usually, classic houses still use a lot of wood, bamboo, rattan, or the like. All these materials, of course, have their respective advantages and disadvantages.

Classic houses must be painstaking and regularly maintained so that the furniture from the materials used always maintained. Check out the following tips maintaining classic home and furniture.

Clean from dust and dirt
You just need to clean it with a duster. Clean everything every day so that all the furniture is more maintained.

Wipe with a damp cloth
This method used for parts of home furniture that exposed to stubborn dirt or stains. For example, food and beverage stains that have dried up. Please wipe with a damp cloth, but not too much water. So you need to wring out the rag first. Just a suggestion, wood furniture that stained, should be cleaned immediately by wiping it with a tissue or dry cloth. That way, it’s easier to clean.

Cover with plastic or cloth
You need to practice this method if you want to leave the house for a long time, such as going for a vacation out of town or abroad. It is recommend that you cover all furniture with plastic or cloth so that you don’t get dust, dirt, or stains while you are away.

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