/Tips for Removing Stains on Teak Tables Easily

Tips for Removing Stains on Teak Tables Easily

As one type of material that is often used as raw material for various furniture manufacture, teak wood is known to have a beautiful and natural looks. The combination of fiber strokes and natural colors, make the teak wood material can present a natural feel to the house interior.

teak table
credits: https://www.pexels.com/photo/photo-of-dining-table-with-chairs-3258303/

In addition to its unique looks, teak is also known to have a number of advantages when compared to other types of wood. Among them sturdy, non-termites, and easy to maintenance. So it is not wrong if many people choose teak wood material for use in building structures and furniture products, such as dining tables.

Although it is known to be easy in maintenance, still this type of material requires treatment so as not to change its beauty looks. Especially if the teak wood formed into a dining table that is vulnerable to various types of stains and dirt. The following are some tips for cleaning stains on the surface of teak wood tables.

  1. Clean It
    Immediately clean the surface of the table affected by liquid stains by using a dry cloth, until the stains or dirt on the table surface is completely dry. Because, if the stain has been sticking for too long, it will be difficult to clean.
  2. Use Dishwashing Soap
    If the sticky stain is soda liquid or oil, wipe the surface of the teak table affected by the stain using a dishwashing soap. Then dry with a dry cloth until the stain disappears.

    However, if the stain has already dried up and leaves a mark, you can clean it by smoothing the surface of the table using a blunt glass slowly, then wipe it with a wet cloth and dry it.
  3. Give Polishes Regularly
    To make your teak dining table always looks sleek, do regular maintenance by giving liquid polish. By this way, the surface of the wood will remain shiny and its natural appearance will not fade by age.