/Tips for Wooden Furniture Maintenance To Protect The Wood Textures

Tips for Wooden Furniture Maintenance To Protect The Wood Textures

Several weeks ago there was an article we reviewed about wood textures. After knowing the various types of wood textures that can be used as material for home furniture, now is the time for you to know about the tips wooden furniture care. This maintenance aims to protect the furniture, so that the wooden furniture can be more durable and used for a long time. What should we do? Here are the tips for caring for wooden furniture.

Add Footwear to Furniture
The first tips for caring for wooden furniture is to provide footwear on your furniture. It aims to protect the wood and your furniture legs to be more durable in used, while protecting the floor and preventing friction stains on the floor.

Put it in a dry place
The next tips for caring wooden furniture is to put it in a dry place. You should know that the wood material must stand at the right temperature and in a dry area. Hot temperature can dry out the wood and shrink it, causing cracks in the wood layer. Meanwhile, damp air can make wood brittle due to the mold and termites present which can damage the furniture.

Lift Furniture When Moving It
The next tips for caring the wooden furniture is to lift the furniture when moving it. You can lift the stand or the two sides. This is because dragging tables and chairs does not only damage the floor, but could break the joints of the chairs and eroding furniture legs, as well as spoil the texture. As a result, the furniture and wood will crack so that the function and safety of the furniture will be reduced.

Those are some things you need to know about wood furniture maintenance and how to care it. Hopefully useful for you!