/Tips How To Clean The House For The Busy One

Tips How To Clean The House For The Busy One

We are may a busy people with a lot of outside activities, whereas we have a home that also needs our attention, not only inhabited but also need to maintain for its cleanliness and beauty so that we always feel at home and make the home the best resting place. Do not confuse how to divide our busy time to just clean the house, and do not give a thousand reasons to be lazy to fix it.

There is a surefire way how to make housecleaning work more enjoyable and a shame if you leave it. Let’s get it right, by dividing homework into several time stages.

Daily clean up, from simple things that will make the house stay clean, neat and beautiful. Get used to open the windows in the morning, it aims to facilitate the air circulation and reduce dust in the house, do it when you wake up or after bathing in the morning, then do not forget to tidy up the mattress, sheets, pillows, roll back to its original shape before laying it while patting it with your hands or a broom stick to clean the dust. Before you go to the office, you can use your tight time to wipe (by using a clean cloth that has been soaked water) some furniture such as a dining table, guest table, study table or kitchen as well. Then continue sweeping the floor, you can do it at least once a day.

Weekly clean up, by cleaning the bathroom maximum once a week. A clean and fragrant bathroom can make us more comfortable in it. For that, clean the bathtub, bathroom floor, sink, and toilet seat and empty the trash, then wipe the door handles or bathroom handle to make it look shiny and clean. Once a week it’s time to change towels, sheets, pillowcases and bolsters and then wash them clean. Clean the dust that sticks to the carpet, interrupted between the sofa with a vacuum cleaner, then mop the floor.

Monthly clean up, by cleaning the window glass and mirror so that it shiny and clean. Often when our daily tasks sweep not really clean, then it’s time to clean the dust in between the areas such as under the wardrobe, TV backdrop, or at the top of the ceiling of the house. For houses parts or wood household furniture or stainless steel, it is recommended to clean it using a cleaner according to its type. The final stage, do not forget to replace the existing mat in front of the house with a new one, to give a different impression on the guests who come to visit.

To make it more comfortable at home, don’t be lazy to clean the house, don’t wait until the house get mess. Start to clean it every day, from the easiest and most visible, what are you waiting for, let’s clean up the house.