/Tips to Make High Ceilinged House Look Aesthetic

Tips to Make High Ceilinged House Look Aesthetic

High-ceilinged houses have advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that it makes air circulation more smoothly so that the house feel cool even without air conditioning. This fits perfectly with the conditions of Indonesia, which has tropical climate. In addition, the high ceiling gives a visual that the interior of the house looks spacious, far from being claustrophobic.

However, there are disadvantages of high-ceilinged houses. This broad impression, if not paired with a good interior design, can make the house look empty. Here are some home interior design tips that you can apply to add aesthetic value to a high-ceilinged room.

Tall Windows and Curtains
The first tip for a high-ceilinged house so that there is no empty wall area is to make high windows. The existence of windows allows natural light and cool air enter easily into the house. So that tall windows don’t seem intimidating, you can add curtains that slightly higher than the size of the window to fill in the empty wall area above them. Choose natural colored curtains to add the comfort of the room.

Displaying Artwork
To fill the void on the wall, you can placed wall decorations such as paintings, family photos, or other wall decorations. Indirectly, this method makes your home like an art gallery. However, it should be noted that the wall decorations that you display must match the interior design style in the room. You can choose one side of the wall to display the artwork. While the other walls are left blank so that the balance is maintained.

Adding Features
High ceilings result in increased wall area. Apart from displaying artwork, another way to improve the appearance of the walls is to add interesting features such as wall panels, patterned wallpaper, or layer them with exposed bricks. The function of the features on this wall is not just to add accents, but can add the impression like a warm atmosphere and some are used to cover parts of the wall.

Adding Architectural Details
To make the interior of a house with a high ceiling look more characterful, you can add striking architectural details. For example, displaying a roof truss or floor beams using wood material or by adding skylights to the ceiling. The addition of these details can make high ceilings seen as the main added value of the house, no longer a drawback that needs to be avoided.

Installing the Chandelier
A much more cost-effective way to add aesthetics to a high-ceilinged home is to install chandeliers. Its placement depends on the room, but is usually installed in the middle of the room or on a countertop or kitchen island. The design of the chandelier is quite diverse. Choose the one that best represents the concept of space. For classic-style house, you can choose chandeliers. The shade of the chandelier is also very varied. Some are made of bamboo and some are abstract. Choose according to the needs of your home.

Rely on Storage Racks
Storage shelves are useful for “animate” walls that seem empty. This method is also a solution so that the house is always neatly organized. If your room has very high ceilings, consider adding a ladder around the shelves to make retrieving stored items easier. The presence of this shelf not only prevents the void of space, but instead becomes a focal point.