/Tips to Prevent Indoor Air Pollution

Tips to Prevent Indoor Air Pollution

Dust trapped in the carpet, damp walls due to water leakage that has not been repaired, and piles of worn goods can invite air pollution in the room. Therefore, so that the house, room or office are free of harmful pollutants, you must know what ways to prevent pollution in the room.

avoid pollution from your home

Air pollution in room is not caused by poor air quality, but also due to old furniture that starts to release harmful substances, or because aerosols trapped on the carpet. Not to mention, of course, air pollution that attacks continuously will trigger health problems, especially those related with respitory. Just imagine if you spend 8 hours in the office and 14 hours at home, and both places secretly have indoor air pollution. You unconsciously breathe dust and pollutants all day.

So, how to reduce indoor air pollution?

Do not smoke indoors
When smoking indoors, residual particles from cigarettes stick to the furniture in the room. This is often the cause of indoor air pollution, especially in rooms that have carpet. Third-hand smoker is a person who is exposed to the dangers of cigarette smoke from furniture and items that adhered with cigarette particles. Usually, young children and even babies often experience it because of exposure to cigarette particles from the clothes of their smoke parents.

Reduce the stack of goods
When goods pile up in a room, more and more items can plastered by residual pollution. To avoid this, make sure to put the useuful items only in a room, and store the rest in a warehouse or other storage that you rarely visit.

Take off shoes outdoors
Even if you feel you don’t have foot odor, it’s best not to take your shoes off in the room. Apart from being impolite, shoes must have become a place of various kinds of bacteria that can causes indoor pollution. In addition, by bringing shoes into the room, especially carpeted rooms, you bring dirt from outside into the house.

Do not use aerosol air freshener
Want to use air freshener, it’s OK. But please, avoid aerosol-based, usually packaged in a spray bottle. Just like mosquito repellent spray, air freshener spray has chemicals that can harm the respiratory tract, and these chemicals tend to stick to the carpet for quite a long time. Alternatively, choose oil diffuser or scented candles, which more natural, can also make romantic atmosphere.