/Tips When You Want To Make Knock Down Furniture

Tips When You Want To Make Knock Down Furniture

Small space will determine the choice of furniture, both by design, size and installation. High creativity is required so that the furniture can fill the room optimally and easy to install. One type of furniture that suitable for use is furniture with knock down system. Flexible to installed anywhere and provides flexibility in installation. If you are interested in knock down furniture but do not match the model because it is not fit with your taste and interior at home, you can make it by your own.

By making it yourself, besides you can determine your own design, of course the price can be cheaper than the store. Here are tips for making wooden furniture with knock down system.

Choose the type of wood based on budget and the function of the furniture to be made. If your budget is not too big, just take advantage of the used wood that has been formed into wood sheets.

The choice of basic material is also related to future treatment. Pay attention to choose a base material that resistant to moisture and termite attacks. If you want strong wood furniture, do the kiln-dried wood first.

The next step is to consider the size of the room that will occupied by the furniture to be made. The size that needs to considered is the area of the room and the function of the furniture itself, whether it will be used for many people or for its own use.

The next thing is to the model. Designs can be made based on your wish or discuss with a carpenter. Choose a functional model with attractive visual.

Finally, for knock down furniture, carefully determine the connection for each furniture frame that is made.

Hinges are the most popular option. Knock down furniture without hinges can also be considered, usually the furniture use lego system. This type, although the installation of each frame is more difficult, but the durability is much better.