/Tricks to Combine Furniture and Plants for Urban Jungle Concept

Tricks to Combine Furniture and Plants for Urban Jungle Concept

Combine variety of furniture, artwork and plants into the house is a design concept known as the urban jungle. The urban jungle design offers a room atmosphere like being in a forest, due to the influence of the many plants in the house that create beautiful, comfortable and soothing atmosphere. However, combining furniture and plants for the urban jungle concept needs to considered, so that later it does not cause unexpected problems. Here are tips for combining furniture, artwork and plants in an urban jungle concept:

Choose Water Plants
Someone who carries the concept of an urban jungle at home must choose water plants. This is important so that the plants no longer have to sprayed or doused with water, thus avoiding the exposure of furniture or other artworks to water. We don’t need to water anymore, the water is already in the plant pot. So even if we want to water, it is enough just to add water every one to two weeks.

Choose One Color Plant
If you put plants in your house and combine them with various kinds of furniture or artwork, then choose one color plants. You don’t need to vary. Because we have works of art that have provided quite interesting colors. So don’t let our plants collide with the art. Just choosing green plant color, or maybe dark green, light green, will not be a problem. This can provide a quite supportive feel between plants and their furniture and artwork.

The Texture of The Plant Must Different
If the color of the plant is only one, then the texture of the leaves of the plant must different. We have to choose a different texture, it can be plants whose leaves are round, long and so on. By that way, we can create textures in the space we have.

Different sizes of plants
For different plant sizes, it will affect the room, which makes for even more attractive space. For example, taller plants can placed in front or behind, so that we can create a portal. So, to be comfortable, you can add water features, so that the atmosphere becomes more comfortable and we can listen to the sounds of the water.

Give Abate
To avoid mosquitoes and mosquito larvae on aquatic plants in the house, give abate to plants. It doesn’t kill the plants but it will kill the mosquito larvae. So even though you have a lot of water plants, you don’t have to worry that the room will be full of mosquitoes or insects.