/TV Room Inspiration with Various Styles, Watching Shows Become More Exciting

TV Room Inspiration with Various Styles, Watching Shows Become More Exciting

The TV room is often the heart of the house or the center of activity at home. Especially at the end of the day after completing activities or when you have free time on weekends or holidays. The main function of the TV room is to watch television, but more than that, the TV room is also a place for family members to meet after being busy with their respective activities.

Likewise on weekends, watching television shows or movies together, while eating snacks. In addition, the TV room can also be a place to sit back, invite your partner to chat, while the children play or do assignments from school. If the TV room is the heart of your family’s home, the TV room should be designed with care. Present a comfortable and warm feel so that all family members feel at home to linger and enjoy the atmosphere.

Elegant and Comfortable Modern Japandi Style
Starting with the design and layout of the TV room which is standard and most widely used in today’s homes. Sofa sized two to three seats according to the number of family members. Carpet for warmer accent, as well as a TV rack mounted. The most obvious characteristic is the use of marble motifs on the backdrop of the TV rack which adds a luxurious feel to the TV room. There is also an additional medium brown wood panel with vertical line accent that extends to the right door. Don’t forget the decorations on the hanging shelves and floor lamps.

TV Room Under the Stairs
Instead of being used as a storage room, the area under the stairs can also be used as a TV room. The advantage, you can take advantage of the vertical space that quite wide and high on the wall just below the stairs. Designed with a combination styles of Industrial and Scandinavian, it will present the exposed cement finish on the walls that serve as the background for the television and TV rack.

Interestingly, not only furniture that is part of the TV room (sofa, coffee table, and hanging shelves). You can also added a drinking water dispenser and a refrigerator under the stairs to the right so as to provide easy access to consuming snacks or drinks while watching TV.

Increase Enclosed Storage Space with Multifunctional TV Rack
A two-seater sofa facing the television, and two armchairs all gray. Then, a round coffee table in the middle, patterned carpet, and an integrated TV rack with light wood panels. It doesn’t stop there, the integrated TV rack has a lot of storage space, even a fairly large cupboard on the left. Coupled with a cabinet at the bottom, as well as a hanging shelf on the right with various ornamental plants and ornaments that beautify the room.

The presence of abundant storage space makes the TV room look neater. In fact, it can be used to store items from the kitchen which is right to the left of the TV room.

Comfortable and Casual Using Bean Bags Instead of Sofas
The sofa has indeed become a mandatory item associated with the TV room. However, the TV room does not mean you have to always use the sofa. For a more casual, comfortable, and intimate TV room, you can use a bean bag instead of a sofa.

With a thick fur rug, a bean bag on top can make watching TV feel more relaxed with more relaxed body. You can also add an ottoman as a coffee table for additional accents, as well as ornamental plants in pots. Likewise, improving the quality of multimedia while watching TV with additional speakers and soundbar.

TV Room Feels Like Home Theater with Reclining Seat
Another sofa alternative is to use a reclining seat, which is a chair that can be reclined. This type of seat is often used in premium theater rooms or in higher ticket classes or home theaters in bigger and luxurious homes. These chairs are individual with armrests, reclining backrests, legrests that pull out, and even cup holders to put your favorite drink while watching your favorite movie.

The TV room designed beautiful and comfort will invite members of the house to gather regularly after activities or on weekends. This will strengthen communication and relationships between families.