/Types of Anti-Termite Wood That Suitable For Flooring

Types of Anti-Termite Wood That Suitable For Flooring

It is undeniable, the existence of floor is the most important part, especially for home. If you choose right floor, then your home feel comfortable. In recent years, there are some changes in flooring. Some people only install ceramic and granite floors in the past, but now they are applying the most popular floor, wooden floor. While, wood flooring made from real wood that has high aesthetically and more comfortable than common floor.

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When you choose wooden floor, it must be of high quality material to be durable and long lasting. Since the material comes from real wood, so it is very susceptible to water and termites. But there still some wooden floors from good material that waterproof and not easily damaged by termites. What are they? Consider the following wooden floors based on durable materials.

Meranti Wood
First, Meranti wood. This material is often used for wood floors and has good quality. The hallmark of this wood is strong and hard. This is because the texture inside is so hard, so if it is made for the floor it will not be easily cracked and eaten by termites. Meranti wood is also kind of wood that withstand heat and water. Besides, the color produced is also very unique, and recommended for those of you who want to make this wood for the floor.

Teak Wood
Who does not know teak. Teak wood is known for its strong durability. In addition for flooring materials, teak wood usually used for furniture, crafts, and other wood works. Similar to Meranti wood, teak has strong and hard characteristics. This wood will not be affected by weather changes, both summer and rainy. Therefore, this wood will survive when exposed to water and not easily damaged by termites.

Ironwood often used as building materials, such as houses construction, bridges, and shipping. Have those benefits you might have thought that this floor is very strong. Yes, this wood is one type of wood that very suitable for flooring material. Durable, waterproof, and not easily damaged by insects or termites.