/Types of Quality Teak Wood in Indonesia

Types of Quality Teak Wood in Indonesia

In Indonesia, many people named Sulawesi teak, village teak, or Pacitan teak. Then what are the types of teak wood? Of course not, it’s only used to make it easier to pronounce, that’s why the name use the origin teak wood planted. However, the name use of teak itself can also determine the quality of the wood, usually Sulawesi teak wood has brown wood color, while village teak has greenish brown color and Pacitan teak (West Java) has a slightly pale brown color and shrinking easy, so do not be surprised if the price of wood from Pacitan is cheaper, because the quality is not that good.

Teak wood from Sulawesi is usually sent to Jepara in beams, to make transportation easier and save space. Because, of course the cost in deliver the wood from Sulawesi to Jepara is not cheap, so to cut the costs, teak is often sent in beams. Teak wood is cut at the edges, so that it forms a neat rectangular beam. In addition to make it easier to transport, teak wood beams also make it easier to estimate the size, but of course the price is much more expensive.

In contrast to other types of teak, Perhutani teak is a very special type of wood, because this type of teak is under the care and government protection of the forestry department. Not only from the planting, even the way it is cut, Perhutani teak wood is specially treated to produce the best quality teak. Perhutani teak wood is kind of expensive wood, but the price is also very comparable to the quality of best level teak. So do not be surprised if the price of Perhutani teak is more expensive than other types of teak.

Golden teak wood is the most widely cultivated and developed teak by the community, because teak trees of the golden teak species have faster growth period than other types of teak. Usually, within 7-15 years, teak wood has grown and has a very large log size. It is ready to be used as raw material for furniture production, such as guest chairs, dining tables, wardrobes, sideboard partitions, bookcases and many more.

Nusantara Superior teak wood is the result of genetic engineering obtained from various types of teak wood to produce a teak seedling with a much shorter planting period, which is only 5 years. The speed of growth of this superior teak can reach 2.7 – 5 cm per year, so it can be concluded that at the age of 5 years, teak wood can have 30 cm – 40 cm diameter, the same as the size of ordinary teak (not genetically engineered) in 30 years age.

Then there is the village teak (Jati Kampung), which is a type of teak wood that comes from the original varieties grown by teak farmers. You could say in terms of quality and durability of wood, this type of teak is superior to gold teak and superior nusantara teak. This village teak has a much longer growing and harvesting period than gold teak and superior teak, so the fibers of teak are denser. However, this type of teak usually has a shortage in the trunk that grows irregularly (has a crooked trunk). In terms of quality, this village teak is only slightly lower than Perhutani teak, so the price is certainly cheaper than Perhutani teak which is exorbitant.