/Types of Travertine Marble for Floor and Wall Materials

Types of Travertine Marble for Floor and Wall Materials

There are several popular types of travertine marble. The various types of marble are due to variations in the color pigments and resins that fill the holes in the travertine. Some of the results are the following three types of travertine that people are generally looking for.

Travertine Onyx
This type of travertine has a very unique pattern. As the name implies, this type has special motif that looks like onyx stone. The pattern is more abstract and has a variety of color compositions. Uniquely, light can penetrate this type of onyx travertine marble.

Travertine Romano
For those of you who want a luxurious residential appearance but have a natural impression, then Romano travertine is the right choice. The reason is, the large holes on the marble surface give off a natural impression. In addition, the brown color of the travertine romano adds a warm and shady natural feel.

Travertine Noce
Travertine noce is the most classic type of travertine variant. This material has a very soft beige color with parallel patterns. This makes this material suitable for home design planning that has a natural concept.