/Unique and Minimalist Bamboo Fence Model

Unique and Minimalist Bamboo Fence Model

The use of bamboo fences has become increasingly popular these days to complement the exterior design of the house. Bamboo material is getting more attention because it offers unique characteristics and a more affordable price when compared to other materials. In fact, many people are becoming interested in building bamboo houses because of this. If you also want a touch of unique bamboo characteristics in your home, some unique bamboo fence models can be an interesting inspiration.

Unlike the usual bamboo fences, you can see a layered bamboo fence model. The outside of the fence has a security and privacy function, while the inside is for decoration. You can fill some beautiful plants in the middle of the two layers of the bamboo fence. You don’t have to always plant it in the ground, you can also put big pots there and the results are still the same.

There is another short bamboo fence model. The bamboo fence is cut evenly short and arranged along the lines. This can be a very creative barrier so that the garden in your home is more beautiful.

Furthermore, a bamboo fence model with plants are so unique and creative because there is some plants in the middle. This fence design can be an inspiration for interesting vertical garden. The way to make it is the same as an ordinary bamboo fence, but in the middle, you have to leave a gap where the plants stick. Thus, plants will be seen living on this bamboo fence.

Bamboo fence arranged in a solid suitable for those of you who have a house with modern design. Even though it seems traditional, bamboo material can be combined with any material and the results will still be amazing. As an example of this one bamboo fence. Framed with black-painted concrete and iron, it looks like a house fence can present a modern and authentic impression at the same time. Interesting right?