/Unique Furniture and Ornaments For Room Corner

Unique Furniture and Ornaments For Room Corner

Having a beautiful house is everyone’s dream, but many are confused by the number and high prices of furniture in the house. Even though, decorating a house can be started from small things. For example, put unique ornaments and furniture with maximum functionality. It doesn’t have to be expensive and a lot, you may only need a few items.

Below are some ornaments and furniture that can make the corner of the room in your house more beautiful.

Frame Glass
Not only photos, double glass frames can be filled with pressed flowers or painted directly with acrylic paint. When installed on the wall the results are minimalist and beautiful, try it.

Wooden Tray
A wooden tray affixed with an arrangement of ceramic mosaic pieces, will look beautiful and unique. Turn it into a coaster or snack tray.

Round Ottoman Chair
The ottoman chair in tennis ball shape, with colorfull look that makes you fall in love is very beautiful to placed in the corner of the room. You can order at your subscription craftsman and determine your own favorite color.

Folding Table
The portable folding table is just the right size for tea and snacks. Easy to lift and move around with one hand. This table also perfect for your room corner.

DIY Wood Plank
The wood planks are leveled up into a coffee table as well as bookshelves and vinyl. Just use the speaker as a buffer, just if you have no idea and time to repair it.

Placed the rattan basket under the table for additional storage. Suitable for shoes, umbrellas, and shopping bags.

Not only a basket, the other creativity rattan can be an artsy pot. As long as there is a fever for ornamental plants, is anyone interested in trying out this business opportunity? Rattan pots will be so perfect for livingroom corner.

Hanging Pot
A basketball or volleyball that has been damaged can be transformed into a hanging pot. One more waste that has risen in degree.

Ceramic Lamp
Not only cute, if you think about it, a ceramic desk lamp also saves space, while make your livingroom corner looks classic and elegant.

The short shelf with medium width has a modern minimalist design, looks classy and of course, has a much longer service life than plastic.

Spoil the eyes and heart really from the objects above. Even the minimalist can be smitten, what do you think?