/Update Your Bathroom with These 6 Types of Doors

Update Your Bathroom with These 6 Types of Doors

One part of the house that is now getting more attention is the bathroom. In addition to the kitchen, for example, this section is increasingly interesting to become one of the pride of the family. Therefore, this previously often overlooked section has now begun to receive more attention.

Various choices of furniture and materials for the bathroom are getting easier. You can get from regular class, to premium type materials. The models also vary, can be easily adapted to any styles of your home. In addition, for a tempting first impression, you need to determine the choice of the bathroom door. The following are some modern types that you can choose when build or renovation your home bathroom.

Panel Door
This door generally consists of frame and panels. The panels are usually two, four, or six. Each panel also has bevel. This type of door is a classic door, it has been around for a long time. Therefore, maybe you will find French, Colonial, Georgian, or other types of panel doors. In addition to the classic impression, panel doors also create a warm, simple, and elegant impression.

Glass Panel Door
Want a type of bathroom panel door that looks more contemporary? You can choose glass panels door. So you replace wood panels with glass panels, simply put. The number of glass panels is also the same as wood panel doors, there are 4, 5, or six panels. It’s up to your need. There is also a bathroom door with only one glass panel. Usually, the glass on the panel uses frosted glass for privacy.

Barn Doors
One of the old types that back in trend is barn doors. Therefore, the shape is very simple and prioritizes the strength of the construction. But now, maybe because of the increasing fans of rustic, shabby chic, or industrial styles, barn doors are also getting a lot of attention. Barn doors usually use wood with minimal finishing, hang on a rail that installed above the door, and open by sliding.

French Door
For those who are unfamiliar with the term French door, simply put, a French door is two doors that meet in the middle. When you want to enter or leave the bathroom, you can open one of them or open all of them. Generally, French doors are a combination of two panel doors. You can use glass to fill the panel to make it seem lighter when used as a bathroom door.

Sliding Door
For bathrooms that don’t leave much space for conventional hinged doors, you can choose a sliding door. In addition to saving space, this door can give the neat and efficient impression. Sliding doors can be an attractive option if you want a bathroom that looks minimalist but warm.

Pocket Door
Another type of door that can be an option, especially if you want a door that doesn’t take up space and looks contemporary, is a pocket door. Actually, the way this door works is similar to a sliding door. You open it by sliding. What distinguishes, is when it is shifted, the door enters the wall plane so that the door leaf becomes invisible.

Thus the choice of bathroom doors that you can choose. Of course, each available option has variety of material, color, and texture variants, so you can choose it to suit the overall interior style of your home.