/Using Wood as a House Facade? Choose From These 6 Types Of Wood

Using Wood as a House Facade? Choose From These 6 Types Of Wood

The use of wood as a house exterior material is in great demand. It is undeniable, attractive colors and textures are considered to add to the aesthetics of the house. Usually, wood used as flooring material to facade of a house. In addition to aesthetics, wood can also make the house have warmer atmosphere.

However, the choice of wood material is very important. Not all wood is suitable as a house exterior material. The recommended one is wood that has resistant to weather changes, heat, rain, and pests. Here the 6 types of wood materials that you can use as your home exterior decoration material.

Merbau Wood
This wood said as an alternative to teak because of its rarity, merbau wood is considered to have very good quality. Merbau wood has special characteristic, yellow-brown to reddish-brown color like teak. Visually, the texture of merbau wood will look rough, but when held, the texture of merbau wood is smoother than it looks. What you need to pay attention is the type of merbau wood has wood color and texture that often contrasting and striped. If you don’t mind, this will actually be the main attraction and uniqueness.

Teak Wood
It is a type of wood that has no doubt about its durability. Teak wood is a type of wood that is very popular among the public, so it is not surprising that teak is often used for furniture and building exteriors. The quality of teak wood is determined by the age of the teak tree. The older the age, the better the quality of the wood. Apart from its strength, the advantage of teak wood is its termite resistance. Due to the long growth of the tree, teak is sold at a fairly expensive price compared to other types of wood.

Ironwood has been widely used as a building material, such as the construction of houses, bridges, and shipping. Its hard and termite-resistant nature is the main reason many people hunt for this type of wood. In addition, this wood is also considered very resistant to water. The disadvantage of this wood is that its surface is not as smooth as merbau and teak wood. You will often find cracked surfaces on this wood.

Bengkirai Wood
This wood, which is often used as decking, outdoor and furniture materials, has strong and sturdy bonds fibers. Sometimes this wood is also used for various building construction purposes. Bengkirai wood has bright and dominant yellow, making it suitable for those of you who are looking for brightly colored wood for the exterior of your home.

Camphor Wood
Camphor wood is popular wood in the world of trade. Its existence which is still quite common and not rare makes the price of this wood not as expensive as other types of wood. In addition, camphor wood is known as a type of wood that is termite-resistant and resilient. The fiber texture of camphor wood is straight and wavy fibers. The texture of the wood feels a bit rough when touched.

Damar Laut Wood
In appearance, Damar Laut wood has a texture and color similar to bengkirai wood. This wood has brownish yellow color and the more often it is exposed to the sun, the darker the color of the wood will be. The very hard Damar Laut wood makes this wood suitable for outdoor and exterior environments.

Those are 6 types of wood that you can use as a house exterior material. Don’t forget, even though it is strong and hard, you still need to give good care to the wood.