/Violet, A Warm Wall Color for Holidays

Violet, A Warm Wall Color for Holidays

One of Indonesian people habits before Eid al-Fitr is to make a house look new by changing the paint. If you also want to make the house look fresher, violet can be an option. These colors really charming and make a space look different in an instant. Violet is also a light color that is perfect for homes in tropical countries. In choosing a wall paint color, the main thing is to see your tropical area with high solar radiation, then choose a bright color so that it can reflect and overcome the heat.

To make your home more beautiful, you need to follow global color trends such as purple or violet. But you don’t have to apply the dominant violet wall paint color. The corner, which is painted in violet color, is the most viewed corner in the room. It is not necessary that all wall surfaces be painted the same color. To combine house wall colors, it’s good to look at the color palette theory, so that you can match other colors so they can be harmonious. Like purple, it can match with soft colors.

If you choose violet, you should not combine it with brown and avoid dark colors. Choose lighter colors and softer tones like pastels. Get a sofa in a bright purple like plum for a bold decor look and pair it with gray tones to balance the brightness of the sofa and make the living room vibrant and classic.

A purple bedroom looks really pretty if done right which can bring a cozy and warm feel. Don’t be afraid to mix purple objects with purple wall paint. Combine a little touch of white in the corners to make the room look comfortable and spacious. Whether it’s a blanket, bed cover, or pillow, buy them all in different shades of purple and pair them with fluffy pillows in contrasting bright colors like pink, red, and yellow.

For a dining room, a slightly darker purple like eggplant and paired with dark blue or burgundy color can give your dining room a warm yet vibrant look. You can also combine your purple interior with silver tableware.