/Wall Cabinets, Versatile Efficient Wardrobes

Wall Cabinets, Versatile Efficient Wardrobes

In the midst of the increasing demand for interior design for homes, wall cabinets are also increasingly used. Unlike the types of cabinets that usually sold in furniture stores, wall cabinets are usually specially designed to suit the needs and design of the room. Wall cabinets are also a type of furniture that permanently installed and usually hangs so that it leaves space under it.

Like general cabinets, wall cabinets can be made from wood, processed wood (plywood), metal (aluminum, stainless steel), to plastic (PVC, polyethylene resin, uPVC, or even recycled plastic). Wall cabinets are also known as patch cabinets, wall-mounted cabinets or wall-hung cabinets.

In general, wall cabinets are perfect for small rooms. Because its position attached to the wall, it is easy for you to clean the room, especially the floor under the cabinet. In addition, because they are positioned at eye line, it is also easy for you to find items in this type of wardrobe. This wall cabinet can give neat and clean impression to the room, especially if you install a minimalist wall cabinet.

While the drawback is wall cabinets must require skilled personnel to install them. Unlike conventional cabinets which are easy to place, if you want to install them yourself, you need a complete carpentry tool. In other words, the installation is complex and costs money. Also, once installed, you can’t move the wall cabinets easily. Therefore, the installation of wall cabinets needs careful consideration.

The best way to maximize your space is to have wall cabinets. Not only so that they are embedded and occupy space in a more elegant way, but also choose the correct distribution of internal storage space. Choosing cabinets in neutral tones like white gives you the possibility to play with other elements. They are not only storage space to keep things organized, but also a sweetener in your room decor.