/Want to Make a Kitchen Set? Check These 4 Important Things

Want to Make a Kitchen Set? Check These 4 Important Things

After seeing some pictures of contemporary kitchen designs in showrooms or magazines, the desire to create or renovate an old kitchen arises. What do you need to know if you are going to make a kitchen set? The following questions may be on your mind.

What is called a run meter?
This is what prospective clients usually first ask. Running meter or written as “m1” is a unit of length which refers to the length of the cabinet without taking into account the cabinet height which is generally 75cm – 85cm with 60cm depth. For example, a kitchen with an “L” shape is 6m long and 3m long, the total is 6m + 3m = 9m1 (9m runs). Different ways of counting with a cupboard. For example, if the length of the wardrobe is 3 m and the height of the wardrobe is 2m, then 3m x 2m = 6m² (6m square) is calculated.

What influences the price?
The more complex the model, the more materials are used. The type of material and finish also affects the price. The material is, for example multiplex with duco, HPL, tacon, or lacquer finishing. Likewise with the hinge and drawer mechanism, the usual or self-closing drawer rails and hinges with various brands choice. The choice of granite or marble table top is of course different from the solid surface, while the backsplash can be glass, mosaic, or ceramic.

What does the set price include?
This price is for the cabinet only. Usually contractors give bonuses in plate racks, bottle racks, or trash cans. Meanwhile, sinks, corner shelves and electronic devices such as ovens, microwaves, cooker hoods and refrigerators are provided by the client. The complementary components are relative in price, depending on the client’s wants. For example, sink prices vary, ranging from cheap, around 1 million to 8 million rupiah. However, there are contractors who take these devices into account.

If you want cheaper?
It is possible, but of course it affects the choice of materials that can be lowered or downspec. For example, the original duco finish replaced by HPL or other laminate sheets. There are also contractors who charge the same rates for duco and HPL. HPL also varies in types and prices. Likewise, the rails and hinges may be replaced which are not soft closing.