/Warm Atmosphere in a Rustic Style Bedroom

Warm Atmosphere in a Rustic Style Bedroom

The bedroom is a resting room for all people. This is where a comfort needs to be presented so that rest can take place properly. One way to bring the comfort in the bedroom is to create a warm atmosphere. Obviously, because the warm atmosphere (not hot) can make sleep soundly.

To create a warm atmosphere in the bedroom, the Rustic theme is the answer. This is because wood, which is known to provide warmth, is the main material used for the Rustic theme. For inspiration, let’s look at the following Rustic-style bedrooms:

Dominant Wood Material
As discussed earlier, wood is the main material used for the Rustic concept. However, to make the Rustic concept stronger, use wood materials with rough texture or no finishing process. Then, to add color, wood material with an older color applied to the floor and some of the walls.

Warm with Gray
Colors that match the brown color of wood are muted colors, one of them is gray. The use of gray in soft furnishings such as curtains and blankets can add warmth to the bedroom.

Natural Lighting
Sunlight is a great source of natural light and warmth for the body. The existence of a large opening beside the bed is a good interesting idea to apply in a rustic style bedroom. The incoming sun’s looks so beautiful when it penetrates the wood material in the bedroom.

Material Unfinished
Not only made of wood, the Rustic concept also appears through materials that left unfinished and have rough texture. Such as walls of cement and bricks that are not sanded or plastered. The presence of black iron on the television panel wall adds a rustic style to the bedroom inspiration. This concept is certain to add warmth to the bedroom.

Additional Lighting
In addition to natural lighting from the window, you can add more artificial lighting by hanging two lamps on either side of the bed. The headboard made of wood pieces and the yellow color of the lamp can provide comfort in the bedroom.