/Watch To This Before Installing The Bedroom Curtains

Watch To This Before Installing The Bedroom Curtains

In addition to interior design, the choice of curtains in the bedroom can also affect the quality of your sleep. Because, not only does it function as a complement to decorative elements, but the curtains also serve to provide privacy and a barrier to light entering the room. Light is the most important external factor that can affect a person’s sleep, so choosing bedroom curtains is even more important to provide the best rest.

Usually, curtains should be installed 10 cm above the window frame, and dark curtains are usually more suitable for bedrooms, especially bedrooms for small children or someone who has sensitive to light. However, that does not mean you have to install only dark curtains, but you can choose patterned curtains. In addition, there are several things that must be considered before choosing curtains for the bedroom, such as the following.

Choose the best material
When choosing bedroom curtains, go for cotton, as cotton is the most common and easy to care for. Choose the material that is machine washable to make it easier to clean. However, if you want a luxurious feel, consider heavier, more luxurious fabrics like silk. Silk lets in light for an airy and luxurious look. However, maintenance is more difficult and expensive. In addition, silk curtains will show water and UV damage more quickly than other fabrics.

Also, another option is velvet which is heavier in weight and excellent for insulating windows from cold breezes and hot summer sun. However, the thing to know is that this type of material can accumulate a lot of dust and easily so that more maintenance needs to be done. Unlike the more low-maintenance, budget-friendly, polyester types are good for homes, because the material is neither too thick nor too thin. However, the material is flammable and absorbs odors, so it will not be suitable if you want to put it in the kitchen.

Another option is linen. Linen is known for its lightweight and more environmentally friendly style. In addition, linen can also prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi. If your bedroom tends to be dark and lack ventilation, this material is best suited for use.

Consider Color and Pattern
For color selection, consider choosing a darker color if your room has exposed by strong sunlight, as bright colors will not tolerate strong sun exposure, and will disrupt your sleep during the day. In addition, sun exposure will also fade the color over time. Patterned curtains can have the same effect as a work of art and can add a beautiful feel to the bedroom.

Curtain Rod
If you are installing heavy curtains, it is recommend to choose thicker curtain rods, as they can withstand the weight of the fabric and give it a taller look. In addition, the type of curtain rod material also affects the look as silk or satin curtains go well with wrought iron or wood, while coarse linen curtains are well accented with wood or metal finishes.