/What and Why is Live Edge Furniture?

What and Why is Live Edge Furniture?

Furniture made from wood slabs with natural edges are still intact has full of high value, high quality, thanks to the work of nature.

crafted live edge furniture

And not surprisingly, each piece of live edge furniture is a unique piece of art, made from a special piece of wood which accentuate the natural characteristics of reclaimed wood slabs, including natural grains, knots, holes and surface imperfections.

Although it may seem like modern, this live wood edge furniture is a relatively new trend. This attraction is easy to understand. Every work is unique, has its own impression, and stands out as the focal point of the room. Direct edge wood refers to the unfinished wood edge or is naturally finished from various wooden furniture.

Beyond the artistic beauty provided by live edge furniture, one of the most interesting things is its sustainability. In many living edge furniture being made, wood used is sourced from fallen trees, or from collapsed barns. By not cutting down trees or sending wood across continents, craftsmen reduce the carbon footprint that is commonly associated with furniture making.

Live edge furniture is able to comes in certain style, which means it blends beautifully with the intended space. Rustic, modern, chic shabby, contemporary, minimalist; it will work.

Why is live edge furniture said to be valuable? Because they are unique and classy. For example, determining live edge furniture for office sends a strong message about your company and your brand. Live edge furniture not for the meek. It brings strong, interesting, impressive, and unique statement impressions.