/What is Finishing Furniture Closed Pore

What is Finishing Furniture Closed Pore

There are so many requests for furniture, but very few buyers understand the type of finishing that will be used. Though this finishing will determine the price of the furniture. For this reason, every furniture offer comes with a finishing bundle using the closed pore technique.

Closed Pore Furniture is a type of furniture finishing by coating the entire surface of the furniture until the wood pores are tightly closed with finishing materials. The main focus is on the sanding process (hand sanding) and the application of sanding sealer material as a base coated. To produce a tightly closed surface, in the sanding process, the sealer can be repeated 3-5 times with sandpaper on each of these layers. It takes a long time to process the finishing because it has to be repeated. This kind of finishing is the best type of finishing as a furniture commodity.

For the appearance of furniture that uses this finishing, it is clear that the appearance is more elegant and luxurious because the wood surface is perfectly coated. Small pores that usually seen are also tightly covered with finishing materials. If you touch it, it will feel slippery and smooth, seems like there’s no pores. The surface of the furniture is also flat. Even though it is identical to the glossy top coated, but the clear doff will feel slippery and still smooth.

The finishing materials used for this closed pore application are pigmented and solvent based such as Polyurethane, Melamine, E-poxy Resin & Duco Paint. Can use Nitro Cellulose (NC) material but only in the last or clear step. Because NC only smoothes the surface and for open pore finishing furniture, while the base coated must use materials other than NC or waterbased.

It is clear that closed pore is covering the entire surface of the furniture down to the pores of the wood. This technique can use 2 base coated materials: sanding sealer or using wood filler.

Sanding Sealer
It is a clear base coating material that functions to close the surface and pores of the wood. Closed pore is very dependent on this material, where the repeated process will form a thick and maximum layer. The clear base coated color will retain the color of the wood grain and not cover it. Sanding sealer properties stick strongly to the wood pores.

Wood Filler
Wood Filler is a wood putty that has the function to patching defective wood or wood holes that can damage the appearance. Has a cloudy color even though it is natural and covers the color of the wood grain to be finished. It is clear that if this material is used in closed pore finishing technique, it will disguise and even cover the entire surface and pores of the wood. This material is often used to save furniture production costs by finishing closed pore. In addition to the fast time because this material dries quickly and gives a thick effect. The nature of wood filler is not too strong to stick to the wood pores if it is used as a base coated.