/What is Outdoor Wood Decking?

What is Outdoor Wood Decking?

Using outdoor wood decking for the exterior can add to the aesthetic value of your home. The house will feel warm and natural because the wooden decking will give ‘stay in nature’ impression. Wooden decking is very suitable to installed on the terrace, yard fence, stepping in the garden, or by the pool. Wooden decking serves as floor covering, people sometimes refer to it as outdoor wood flooring. The material used for this floor covering is solid wood. Although generally used outdoors, actually wood decking can be used for wall coverings indoors.

So far, people may only know the function of wooden decking as an outdoor floor covering. However, actually wood decking can be used for various functions. Here are some examples.

Wooden Decking for Gazebo
Gazebo is kind of a building that usually installed in open area. The gazebo was built for relax place while enjoying a unique and beautiful view. Because it is placed in the open, this building requires strong materials, that resistant to various weathers.

The use of wood decking as a gazebo-making material is very suitable because the quality of the solid wood used is quite strong and weather-resistant. In addition, the use of wooden decking will add to the aesthetic impress of the building and the surrounding environment.

Wooden Decking for Fence
Using wooden decking as a fence certainly gives a distinct impression compared to a fence made of iron or aluminum. Wooden decking accentuates the natural impression so that it adds to the beauty of the exterior of your home. No need to worry about using this material because wooden decking is very strong and durable.

You need to know, although wooden decking is made of solid wood, not all types of wood are suitable for outdoor use.