/What To Do With Old Furniture?

What To Do With Old Furniture?

Whether you are moving, buying new furniture, or simply tidying up, it can be difficult to know how to get rid of unwanted bulky items. A shabby old sofa, a wardrobe that is too big, or a guest chair that is no longer attractive. Can you just throw it away and hope waste management will get rid of it? Have you figured out a way to get rid of those things, only by paying the ever-annoying fee to throw them away? Want to replace old furniture with more contemporary ones, but are confused about where the old furniture is going? One way is to sell or refurbish your old furniture.

Did you know that most of the furniture used in homes and offices can be recycled? Many people already recycle common household materials such as paper, plastic, cans or glass bottles, but there are many ways to recycle your old furniture too. Millions of household items are sent to landfills each year, and recycling will help bring this number down.

Here are some ways you can do this if you don’t want old furniture, instead of just throwing it to the side of the road for the garbage truck to pick up:

Donate the item
If you don’t need your old furniture, donate it to charity or give it to someone who needs it. There are several websites, which allow you to list unwanted items that people can collect from you if they are interested. You can also ask the shop to pick it up, or you can take it to their shop location and hand it over.

Sell the item
If you plan on getting rid of a few other items, add your furniture to a garage sale or a neighborhood yard sale. You will make money while ensuring that the old chair or dressing table that you are no longer interested in has a new owner. Just make sure they are still in a usable condition. You can also sell your furniture on websites that specialize in old furniture.

Refinish or reupholster it
Before you decide to throw your old furniture away, consider repair your furniture for a whole new look. Take the furniture to a professional restorator or go DIY. Take a little imagination and turn your old furniture into something new and amazing. Put on a shiny new paint, or go the other way around and get a vintage look by creating an artsy cracked look. For old sofas and chairs, consider upholstering them with fresh new fabrics.