/What You Need If You Want to Have Aesthetic Interior Shading

What You Need If You Want to Have Aesthetic Interior Shading

There are various ways to make the house and everything in it look more beautiful. One of them is to take advantage of the sunlight that enters the house. Many people close the sunlight access into the house because it is considered too bright. In fact, if processed properly, the light can be processed into beautiful shadows or shading. Unfortunately if the sunlight that has many benefits for the body and provides natural lighting is actually blocked by walls or curtains.

Actually it is not difficult to create an attractive interior shading. In addition to make the house look beautiful and become a photo spot, shading is also a control against the scorching sun that enters the room. Here are some ways to create interesting interior shading:

Roster Wall
Do not assume that the wall roster is outdated. If arranged in a certain area and with the right composition, the roster wall will give an attractive look and of course beautiful interior shading. Many of the latest home designs use roster bricks as facade walls with very good results. There also custom roster bricks if you want to have a more unique wall shape and shading.

Hollow Brick Wall
Surely you often see exposed brick walls used as exterior and interior walls of buildings, right? Apparently, the arrangement of bricks into walls can be made more varied by providing a cavity or distance between the bricks so that air and light can enter through the cavity. In addition to beautifying the look of the house, this kind of arrangement can also bring interesting shading into the house.

Unique Second Hand Materials
Used materials can also be arranged into walls that produce aesthetic shadows. As long as the selected material is still good and arranged in hollow, then a beautiful interior shading will be created. There are many types of used materials that can be used, such as bottles, pipes, stones, and other unique used materials.

Venetian Blinds
If you have too bright windows in your house, don’t close them tightly with blackout curtains. As an alternative, use ventian blinds as window coverings. Due to the composition of the hollow material, venetian blinds can produce attractive interior shading. If you want to have a simple shading look, venetian blinds are an easy and right choice.

Secondary Skin
Still not satisfied with the previous materials because you want a more dynamic, modern, and luxurious shape? If so, secondary skin can be an option. Secondary skin actually has many types, shapes, colors, and materials. To be sure, it is possible to make a custom secondary skin design as you wish because the material is flexible to shape. The more complicated the shape and the better the material chosen, the higher budget needed to make the secondary skin. So, first consult with the experts before deciding to make it.

Producing beautiful shading can not only come from the wall area, but can also produced through the ceiling plane, through skylights. It’s quite rare to find a house in Indonesia that uses skylights, but, with the right placement, skylights can produce aesthetic interior shading.