/When to Paint Antique Wood Furniture And When Not to Paint

When to Paint Antique Wood Furniture And When Not to Paint

You may like the category of furniture that will last generations. And, especially when it’s hard to find wood furniture these days, vintage and antique options are often the best way to get an item without waiting months for it to arrive. But once you get the item, what’s the best way to refresh it? Sofas and armchairs can be re-upholstered, of course, but what about wooden antiques, is it okay to repaint? What do the professionals say about this?

At some point in time, you want to repaint your antique furniture and are wondering if that can help. It depends on the quality of the pieces and the paint. Practically, this is probably most important if you think you might take it down. If it’s a high-quality antique that you want to resell later, then the paint will reduce its value. When you paint an antique, you decide that it’s worth only to you, because painting something antique can change its long-term price. That’s why furniture experts always advise against refinishing a fine antique.

Apart from quality, you may also want to consider the materials used, are they rare or difficult to re-polish? Because it’s a bad idea if furniture from exotic woods like mahogany is painted or bleached. If it’s made of common wood like oak or pine, with a unfinished look, you’re probably safe to paint it. However, if it’s made of exotic woods like cherry, mahogany, or satin wood, it probably isn’t.

If the piece of furniture is without much value on the thrift market or is in poor condition, a paint job can actually increase the value. It all depends on the pieces and the existing color finishing. If it’s in bad shape, a new paint job will bring it back to life.

The quality of antiques is usually superior to what you would get for the same price today. If you want to keep something that has been passed down in your family and the only way to do is to paint it to match your decor, go for it. If you don’t like the finish of the furniture but don’t like solid colors or paint finishes, consider polishing the wood yourself.