/Which Do You Prefer, Wood or Plastic Furniture?

Which Do You Prefer, Wood or Plastic Furniture?

There is a large selection of furniture available today with various sizes, colors and styles available. Two furniture materials that often found in most residential areas in Indonesia are wood and plastic furniture. Wood furniture has more traditional style but plastic furniture also offers many benefits. When you buy furniture, make sure it is strong enough and can last a long time. No one wants to buy furniture that only lasts a few months.

Selection of the right type of wood and plastic can determine the age of the furniture purchased. However, it is undeniable that plastic furniture cannot compete with wooden furniture in terms of durability. Many of the wooden furniture are centuries old, but still in clean and shiny condition. Especially when coated with shiny paint that makes it look more luxurious. When protected from termites and mildew, wooden furniture will last longer even in areas with extreme weather environments.

However, in terms of price, wooden furniture is much more expensive than plastic furniture. This inflated price actually makes sense because wood can last a long time so you don’t have to spend money to buy new ones as often. If you are looking for low-cost furniture, plastic furniture is perfect. Indeed, plastic material lasts for hundreds of years like wooden furniture but with good care, plastic furniture can last a long time.

Maintenance of both types of furniture is easy. It only needs to be cleaned regularly from dust and must be handled quickly if it gets stained. Wooden and plastic furniture each has its own advantages. Do you want the comfort and practicality of plastic furniture or the durable beauty of natural wood? Both types of furniture are excellent choices. Choose the shape and color of furniture that matches the overall home decor.