/Wood Cabinets vs Plastic Cabinets, Which Is Better?

Wood Cabinets vs Plastic Cabinets, Which Is Better?

For those of you who are currently busy filling in new furniture at home, the wardrobe can be a household piece of furniture that you shouldn’t forget. There are various sizes of wardrobes, ranging from small ones to cupboards that can contain clothes to shoes or various of your favorite accessories.

It’s not just a matter of size, but you also have to make a choice between a wooden wardrobe or a plastic cupboard. Both of them do have the same function, but you must know that in fact they both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Confused which one to choose?

Let’s discuss the advantages of wooden cabinets first. From ancient times until now, wooden cabinets have been known to be strong and durable. Besides its strength, wooden cabinets also have stronger locks. Then another advantage is in terms of design, wooden cabinets certainly have a more elegant look.

The advantages of plastic cabinets that are most liked by many people are resistant to mold and also termite attacks. In addition, of course, the price of plastic cabinets is cheaper than wooden cabinets. Lighter plastic cabinets make them easier to move here and there.

Behind the advantages, of course, there are also disadvantages of both. Well, now we will discuss the shortcomings of wooden cabinets and plastic cabinets.

Disadvantages of Wooden Cabinets:
The most annoying thing about wooden cabinets is that they are susceptible to attack by termites. Wooden cabinets are also prone to mildew. If you have termites and fungi, then a wooden cabinet will definitely not too good anymore. Heavy wooden cabinets make you feel lazy to move them. So, usually wooden cabinets are the items that are moved most rarely. More durable and more elegant, making wooden cabinets priced quite expensive. Especially if you buy the number one type of wood, such as teak. The price is quite expensive.

Disadvantages of Plastic Cabinets:
Don’t be surprised if a few months of use there are parts of your plastic cupboard that are missing or damaged. Just like wooden cabinets, plastic cabinets are also equipped with locks, but the locks in these plastic cabinets are less secure and easy to break. So, you have to be careful.

So, are you now able to make a choice? Choose to buy a plastic wardrobe or a wooden wardrobe? Whatever your choice, you still have to choose a quality product.