/Wood Floor Brighten Up House Space

Wood Floor Brighten Up House Space

It’s been a long time, carpet has been the choice of many people as a floor mat and has been popular for centuries. Even today, the use of carpet floors is quite common. However, as beautiful as they are, carpets carry a number of disadvantages, which can pose a threat to health. That’s because carpets are very vulnerable to allergens, such as pet dander, mites, and mold. From these health risks, people start looking for other materials that are safer and easier to clean.

wooden floors can add the luxury look of the living room

Wood does not contain health risks. But that’s where the benefits of wood floor. The wooden floor is certainly flexible enough to brighten up space and create a friendly environment once you walk through the door. It not only gives a pleasing look to the house but also adds a luxury touch.

Wood floors can be placed on most types of media floors. You must ensure that the sub-floor is clean, flat, smooth and dry without protrusions of more than 3mm. You should also make sure that the water content does not exceed 4% in concrete and 12% in wood-based subfloors. The wooden floor must be the last step to be installed.

Wooden floors can add the luxury look of the living room. If you want all attributes of wood flooring without exorbitant prices, engineered wood flooring is the right way. You can find wood floor engineered in various types of wood, seeds, textures and finishes, to be used with various decorations and themes.