/Wood Flooring Types To Consider

Wood Flooring Types To Consider

Choosing wood as flooring material has been done by many people for their homes. Wood is the most popular and most preferred flooring material. Stunning aesthetic appeal, durability, easy maintenance, and versatility are some features that make wood flooring solutions highly recommended.

wood is the most popular and most preferred flooring material

Hardwood floors have large number of advantages, but also vulnerable to moisture damage, have less resistance to weather changes, and expensive. But now wood experts are finding solutions for wood floors problematic. Sophisticated and modern flooring such as engineered wood flooring comes with sophisticated three-layer composition, consisting of hardwood layer on top, stabilizing core in the middle, and balancing layer at the bottom, ensuring protection against weather and humidity changes at an affordable price.

While, engineered wood floors on solid wood have better moisture resistance, higher dimensional stability, and a variety of design choices. Those are the three main reasons why engineered wood flooring is an alternative that performs better than solid wood flooring.

Engineered wood flooring is also much easier to install compared to other alternatives such as solid wood and marble floors. There are three preferred installation methods. Engineered wood floors can be glued or nailed to plywood or concrete floors. Some installation experts also suggest floating floors on plywood or concrete floors.