/Yellow Shades For Bright Home, What Accents To Complete It?

Yellow Shades For Bright Home, What Accents To Complete It?

Decorating the house is a fun activity. Apart from the satisfaction of having the home design that we want, there is also a pride in having a beautiful home designed by our own hands. There are currently architectural projects for the population sector, which often lack warmth and style, only functioning as functional houses, making them look unattractive. That is why we must always looking for new ideas to change the decoration and design, especially for the small house, because it cannot combine many elements to configure the space. We can be bored seeing the same model for a long time.

Small houses need light to eradicate the feeling of intimidation that can be caused. Use bright colors to help achieve your goals. This time we chose yellow as the basic color of the house. No need to paint the house wall with absolute yellow, you just need to give ‘yellow’ shades impression into your home by giving yellow gradation paint to your walls. Next, you just need to combine various accessories and furnitures for your home.

Some home accents that you can add are:
Crystal Chandelier
Glass transmits light, freshness and luminosity, so don’t hesitate to use it when designing your home. Crystal chandelier will make your home look luxurious and elegant. Crystal light is always able to blend with yellow shading.

Choose the color of the curtains stay in tune with your wall. This is an economical and very decorative alternative because you can play with colors and patterns. Some colors that can compensate the yellow are beige, brown, dark green and black.

Placed home furniture with wood color is the right choice. Besides you bring natural elements into your home, the wood color will integrate well with the yellow.