Bamboo Furniture Exporter

Bamboo furniture is a company manufacture based in Yogyakarta, Central Java, Indonesia. The products are about indoor furniture and the accessories related. The products are made by skilled and professional craftsman.

Moreover, all products in this furniture exporter are taken from high quality raw material of bamboo and finished in beautiful furniture for your house, hotel, resort, school and many more.

Indonesia Bamboo Furniture With Creative Design

Find the famous bamboo furniture manufacturer with high quality material in Indonesia. At Indonesia furniture center industry, you can count your business only on quality that the craftsman make since the 1st year they establish.

There are many people like to collect bamboo furniture and demand it for their home furniture. The products are bamboo chair, bamboo table, bamboo cabinet, bamboo bed and many more. Furthermore, you can request to your trust furniture company what furniture you need. It is called as custom furniture.

During their teen experiences in manufacturing of bamboo furniture, Indonesia become one of the best furniture exporters in the world.

Bamboo Furniture Design From Indonesia

Since years ago, Indonesia had produce world-class quality bamboo furniture products focusing on handcrafted furniture for both indoor furnishing, outdoor furnishing and commercial application. Also, on Solid Teak Indoor and Outdoor Furniture. The center industry of this furniture producer is in Central Java, Indonesia.

Indonesia furniture presents wide range of bamboo furniture at its finest with different design and models that fit customers` needs and taste, which have been proven as market leader and of utmost reliability. The indoor furniture collection is simply divided into five categories, beds, tables, buffets, cabinets and chairs. These collections are available in both simple design and fully hand made furniture.

Outdoor bamboo furniture includes garden furniture has various item like chairs and benches, tables and outdoor furniture sets e.g. steamers and loungers, tables, family garden. They also provide gazebo and other outdoor furniture accessories. As a bamboo furniture manufacturer, wholesale bamboo furniture, and bamboo furniture outlet,

Selected Bamboo Material For Your Furniture

Bamboo Furniture Manufacturer in Indonesia producing high quality furniture products specialist for bamboo furniture. They are currently looking for long term partners to market the goods.

Specializing in bamboo material furniture, they are committed to the market alliances all over the world a guaranteed quality excellent services and a very competitive price solution.

The companies have supported by good capable people who work professionally. They control their products under highly standard of quality and keep it on good on it. It begins from selecting raw materials, processing, constructing, and finishing to packing.

They select the high quality of bamboo and make sure that the bamboo has dried well.

Bamboo Creation From Bali – Indonesia

Bamboo is a sustainable, and an environmentally friendly quick-growing natural resource. Bamboo Creations from Bali is an international joint venture between a Balinese and western family.

The Balinese family has been involved in the bamboo furniture business their whole lives, learning the craft from their father and grandfather. All bamboo furniture is custom-made to order, and handcrafted in Bali workshop.

They use a unique finishing process, with all furniture available in multiple colors. This process highlights the natural beauty of bamboo and can also provide the look of natural hardwoods using bamboo.

A Furniture Exporter Specializing In Bamboo Furniture

This is an expatriate management team and local craftsmen have been successfully manufacturing and supplying a fine teak interior and garden furniture with care and dedication since 1994 to satisfied the clients word wide. They also produce to client specifications. Located in Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia, this furniture company is professionally improve their production to make better products in every seasons.

The mission is to satisfy its customers by producing consistent high quality furniture with integrity and to provide a reliable, and efficient service. Quality is first priority at Indonesia Furniture products. From extra thick of bamboo construction to the precision-made brass fittings, they employ the best materials and manufacturing techniques available.

Bamboo Furniture Store Indonesia

Now on, there are many furniture online store from Indonesia, by working directly with furniture craftsmen. But we want to discuss about bamboo furniture here. Indonesia itself has high quality of bamboo material. So that, many manufacturer here that offer various kind of bamboo furniture products.

Safe and convenient is the promise that being offered by many company to produce a qualified furniture for the customers. They are willing to make any custom made design from the customers and they able to fulfill the customers’ satisfaction. They also have a catalog of the latest design drawings show to be references for the customer design.

Moreover, they have number one quality of bamboo wood, made by craftsmen with a pattern typical of Indonesia. Their mission is to provide that option. They work directly with the craftsmen and furniture from factory direct shipping to customers. And the price is very reachable for the customers’ needs.