Nupradan Furniture, Solo – Central Java

Nupradan furniture is an Indonesian supplier of timber furniture producing Classic Timber Furniture, Mission Style Furniture and other contemporary designs. Now on, they are currently exporting products into International Market. Till today, this furniture company has more than 12 years experience in the bussiness with wide variety of furniture items.

Settled in Solo, Central Java, Nupradan furniture company has exported its products to Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Italy, Canada, Portugal, Japan, United Kingdom, and many more.

The timber furniture itself contain of 12% wood moisture and sells in affordable price. The products are including; buffets, chest of drawers, mix rattan basket furniture, bookcase and display cabinets.

For more info, please contact:
Mr. Udi Utomo
Address: Semen Rante 14B, Mangkuyudan, Solo 57142, Central Java – Indonesia

Aviva Furniture, Jepara


Founded in 2000, Aviva Furni has been emphasizing all products of indoor furniture in classical and colonial styles. Quality products and state-of-the-art manufacturing and finishing methods have always been driven by the demand for customer satisfaction. Under the vision, direction and leadership of their experts, they have been gaining a stage of reliability as well as diversity of furniture products. They feel that this recognition is a symbol of our continuing commitment to quality and service.

Each piece of furniture is made of assorted materials and under uncompromising inspection on every line of production steps. They make special furniture for exclusively distinctive people. They have the ability to customize any piece in their catalog with a variety of woods, motifs, carvings, and finishes on your requirements. They are also able to work from sketches, designs, and photos to build truly custom furniture according to customer specifications. All their furniture is made to order by their expert craftsmen in Jepara based factory.

They offer a free design service, of course with no obligation, where they will listen to your requirements and design your chosen piece of furniture. Once you have agreed to progress the order they will give you a timescale for completion of it and they welcome you to visit them whilst your furniture is being made.

For more info, please contact:
Mr. Abdullah
Address: Jl. KH. Wachid Hasyim RT1 RW 4, Bapangan, Jepara – Central Java
Phone: +62-291-4299799, 755446 – Fax: +62-291-4299799  – Mobile: +62 812 2929 644

PT. Buana Inter Global, Semarang


The widening communications around the world and rapid development of man made material during the course of the last few years have radically quickened the pace of change, adding inspiration and the innovation to the company who have played an essential role in refining and reassessing the furniture design. Indeed, the combinations of function and traditional use and the craftsmanship, techniques and materials use are all relevant to the way the furniture shapes, design and qualities have changed and developed over the years and continue to develop today.

The company, established in 1998, understands the basic needs for selecting the raw materials; especially woods. Through unique and careful processed, reselected teak and mahogany woods, freshly sawn logs, were properly dried to a certain low moisture content. It was then carved, shaped and finishes by the company sophisticated carvers with their skill obtained from generations to generations.

For more info, please contact:
PT. Buana Inter Global
Address: Kawasan Industri Candi Blok 11 No. 2-8 – Semarang
Phone: +62 24-7615858, +62-24-7615959 – Fax: +62 24-7627211, +62-24-8313627

Elegance Direct, Jepara


Elegance Direct is an Indonesian furniture company specialized in exporting and manufacturing high quality of antique reproduction and indoor furniture. Elegance Direct strives to bring you the latest designs and many styles of Indonesian replica’s furniture made by skilled craftspeople from Jepara. We proudly offer you high quality export product at incredibly low price.

Elegance Direct Located in Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia; stood on May 03, 1990 and was established by Mr. Noer as well as the family. We have been shipping our elegant furniture at incredibly low price  for the last 15 years all over the world. We guarantee savings of 200 % or more on our product over retail price in the Americas, Europe, Japan, or Australia and save 15 -20 % in our country.

For more info, please contact:
Mr. Noer
Address: Jl. Gudang Sawo ( SMKN 1 Jepara ), N0. 155, Jepara – East Java
Phone: +62 291 3319791 – Mobile: +62 813 25550046

Bali Teak Furniture In Classic Style


This Furniture is one of the Teak Furniture products of a furniture manufacturer from Bali – Indonesia. The company has successfully operated more than 8 years and continues to thrive because of their commitment to manufacture high quality products and providing personal and professional service to the customers.

Their success is due to the willingness to stay competitive in the global market, ever string to satisfy the changing needs of the customers. The company is a manufacturing company located 15 minutes driving from famous Ngurah Rai- Airport-Bali, Indonesia. They are manufacturers of high quality furniture products.

The products are vary majoring on indoor furniture products like bed, table, sofa, cabinet, buffet and more.

Minahasan Traditional Wooden House

Rumah Panggung or stage house is originally coming from Minahasa, north Sulawesi. This wooden stage house can be use for home living, villa, cottage, gazebo, restaurant or even a gift for your love one.

CV Purnama, is the developer of this stage house. This company produce an architectural style of traditional Minahasan house. The raw material that being used is coming from the best wood that can support the house in good condition.

The woods coming from Meranti, Nantu, Pulutan and Cempaka that can be strongly resist for more than 100 years. This house is using knock down system that can be so easily dismantled and in pairs.

Bali Antique-Classic Furniture

Bali antique furniture provides high quality authentic antique furniture, at affordable prices. Bali Antique wood furniture is made from high quality wood material. Bali Antique wood furniture product has exported to many countries in the world. Here, you will find the largest selection of antique furniture online, in various shapes and sizes, from modern to traditional. Antique wood furniture is produced through high quality process of making antique furniture product.

Classic Furniture From Indonesia

Classic Furniture is a wooden furniture manufacturer and exporter company based in Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia. They are specializes in classic furniture and English-American style furniture reproduction, and work directly with local sources who have many years of experience tailoring certain styles of reproduction furnitures that is based on original styles and designs created during 18th century.

Every piece of their classic furniture is made as close as possible to the copy of the authentic furniture on the era. They attach great importance to quality and detail to make the end product, started from selective materials including wood (mahogany, teak or pine), brasses, handles, hinges, door lock, and fabric, combined with their talented craftsmen, and supported by other departments to ensure that they bring the most out of their classic furniture to customers.

This company maintain to give all valued customers the bottom price, hence the price is very low because of the tight competitive around craftsmen, without eliminating the quality aspects.

Jepara Classic Furniture

This Jepara company is a furniture producer and exporter. The products are classic furniture especially Europe design. With 10 years experience in export, they know how to satisfied customer. Moreover, they can serve your own design with details picture and size as your request.

Located in Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia, the furniture company has already have experiences in classic furniture and how to maintain the customer requirement to be the best furniture manufacturer.

Their products made from solid Mahogany for classic furniture and Teak wood for Garden with export quality kindly. The products range are from Cabinet, Chair, Desk to other furniture.

The Classic Furniture Products

This is a manufacturer from Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia. The production is in range of classic furniture, indoor furniture and garden furniture.

The company has a wide range of classic furniture products. They have around thousand pieces of perfectly manufactured furnitures. They dedicated their products to beautify your living area and your garden. In Mahogany collection you will see how beautiful the product. In teak collection you will see the combination of simple beauty and the strength of teak

At the moment they have three primary areas of concentration, antiques reproduction Mahogany,colonial and modern Teak and garden furniture, yet in relation they prioritize quality, originality, and the utmost distinguished uniqueness in products.